A few issues from a beginner R user! Web scraping and CSV issues

Hi everyone! Hoping someone can help me out. I'm a (very) beginner R user and have run into a few issues.

The first concerns web scraping. I am planning to scrape data from a website that hosts company descriptions for 800 companies, I'm using the elements tab to select the data I want but it always returns character(0). I've also used selector gadget but the code that selector gadget shows returns the same character(0).

For the title of the company, selector gadget has returned .has-text-color-inherit which doesn't seem right and doesn't work.

For the text of the company, selectorgadget returns .has-text-color-inherit.

For the elements, it returns a.has-text-color-inherit" for the title, and p.content for the company text. None work when I run the code trying to scrape the data.


cogx <- read_html("CognitionX - Knowledge Network")
cogx %>%
html_nodes("INSERT CORRECT") %>%

I would like to put all the variables (company name, company text and company details into one data frame.

I'm obviously missing something obvious here but the code I get back doesnt work from the elements or selector gadget.

Thanks for any help.


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