500 internal server error in R studio when trying to load a dataframe - your help will be most appreciated!


When I try to import a dataframe into R Studio pro (web), I get the below error message ("500 internal server error"). Please see the full error message below. Of note, I am loading the dataframe via something called erisone/eristwo (connection to the institutional server). I am connected to the internet and to the server too. Strange thing is that I can run analysis on the dataframe, just not see the rows/columns as it won't load.
Anyone knows what could be wrong? Has anyone encountered this message?
Many thanks!!

500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error


That comes from the server side and translates to “I heard you knock, but I’m not decent.” Meaning that the request has been received and understood but can’t be run for some unspecified reason.

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