3D plot with ggplot2

Dear all,

I would like to know if it is possible to plot 3D with ggplot.

Kind of, but not directly.
plotly can do 3D plots and with ggplotly you can transform ggplots into plotly objects, even though with doing it in plotly directly you can have more control.

Also rayshader is a nice tool to make ggplot 3D.

Thank you for your reply and suggestions. With plotly, for some reason I only get a white blank, I doubt the reason would be the high resolution data I have. At any case, I'm more curious about ggplot since I've seen the high quality output in 2D format. Hence, plot_gg from rayshader is a good option but I'm facing a difficulties in saving the image in high quality. When I render snapshot, the snapshot only captures a small portion of my plot. Therefore, Do you know a better way to save the output of plot_gg.

Unfortunately no, i never really worked with rayshader, I only know it exists! :slight_smile:

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