32-bit R not available as Global Option in 1.2.907 RStudio

I need to use RODBC package on Windows, that only works with 32-bit R. I cannot access the 32-bit version of any installed version of R.


32-bit versions are not among the options available. 32-bit versions can be found via manual browse, but RStudio states it must be closed and reopened. Upon reopening, the 32-bit version is no longer available as an option.

We are indeed planning to drop support for 32-bit R in the v1.2 release of RStudio -- sorry for the trouble.

Would it be tractable for you to port your code to use the odbc package instead, or are you relying on 3rd-party code that itself makes use of RODBC?

Is there a manner to use the odbc package to select the 32 bit drivers from the 64 bit R @kevinushey ?

Sorry, not that I am aware of.

I have restored support for 32-bit R in an upcoming patch release of RStudio 1.2 for Windows.

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Many thanks GaryR. Appreciate your reversal of the previous decision not to offer 32-bit support. Most grateful.