1st Shiny App Deployment

I am new to shiny, but finally have a project that I want to get deployed. I have connected to my shinnyapps.io account, but am still getting either of the two errors below and not sure why. From my understanding my file is a single-file Shiny .R file. Any help here? Happy to include all of my code too it is just rather long at this point

Error in rsconnect::deployApp("~/Desktop/HoopR/app.R") : 
  /Users/default/Desktop/HoopR/ShinyHoopR.R must be a directory, an R Markdown document, or an HTML document.

Error in lint(appDir, appFiles, appPrimaryDoc) : 
  Cancelling deployment: invalid project layout.
The project should have one of the following layouts:
1. 'server.R' and 'ui.R' in the application base directory,
2. 'server.R' and 'www/index.html' in the application base directory,
3. 'app.R' or a single-file Shiny .R file,
4. An R Markdown (.Rmd) or Quarto (.qmd) document,
5. A static HTML (.html) or PDF (.pdf) document.
6. 'plumber.R' API description .R file
7. 'entrypoint.R' plumber startup script
8. A tensorflow saved model

It might be this bit. It should be a relative file path. shinyapps doesn't have access to your desktop.

See: Chapter 5 Storage | shinyapps.io user guide

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