Why doesn't R packages get more Star on Github

ggvis development being dropped had absolutely nothing to do with github stars (and I doubt rCharts either):


GitHub is primarily used by programmers. R is primarily used by non-programmers. (This is a simplification, but I don't think it's too far from the truth) I think this explains why R packages receive fewer stars than you might expect given the relative popularity of programming languages.


I am really very sorry for pointing those packages out but I couldn't think of any other package on the spot. What I actually wanted to say is sometime packages get dropped out...

I knew why those packages dropped out. I was just trying to say something entirely different. I am sorry again.

Thanks for replying on the thread.

I saw a pattern and thought I should start a discussion. Thanks for posting your thoughts on it.

If you think low number of stars aren't going to be a issue going further to R than they sure shouldn't be. I take your words as gospel. End of discussion.

Again thanks for replying.

I have used github based packages since the beginning of RStudio and created packages in my work for six years. I have never even noticed stars. Obviously I am not observant, but it certainly has not had much effect on the efficacy of the packages I use.