When opening file, console shows pink background with red dots

Hi @shillate! Welcome!

Three things that might be helpful here:

  1. A screenshot
  2. Steps to reproduce the problem. This might look like:
    • Share a file where this happens (post on Google Drive, Dropbox, Github, etc)
    • Describe exactly what you do when opening the file
  3. Run an RStudio diagnostics report: rstd.io/support-diagnostics-report
    If the output isn't too long, you can paste the result in here. Please use the little </> button at the top of the posting box to format what you paste (keeps the forum software from garbling it!). If the output is too long to paste in here, please share it online somewhere else and post a link.

Also, is this sort of like what you're seeing? (Click the down arrow to expand the preview so you can see the screenshot)

(Unfortunately, I don't think there was ever a resolution to the problem described in that topic)