What cool javascript libraries should become HTMLwidgets?

If you're looking for something fun mxgraph would be interesing in term of enhancing visualisation of process analysis in R

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Just in case anyone is still around and interested in React and R, I wrote a quick post introducing my workflow for combining the two http://www.jsinr.me/2017/11/19/react-in-r/. This will give us potentially even more JavaScript libraries to consider.


Great read, thanks for sharing. React libraries could also potential be wrapped up as Dash components, for a shiny like experience in python https://github.com/plotly/dash-components-archetype

@timelyportfolio do you have any recommendations on resources for learning javascript for R developers?

@jakekaupp, can you share a few demos of the d3 and vega stuff that you'd like to be in Shiny in your wildest dreams? curious!

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@iain, I think Kyle Simpson's YDKJS Series is really good. I had done a very quick tutorial on JavaScript for the R user a while back. I will try to find it. Fortunately, besides scoping and the build chain, JavaScript syntax is very similar to R. As always, when trying to learn a new programming language, it is best to have a task in mind.

@barbara, @jakekaupp I have been doing quite a bit lately in Vega and Vega-lite. I'd also enjoy hearing about any specific applications you have in mind for Vega + Shiny.

For anyone interested, I added a Shiny + React example last night in this bl.ock.


Most of my Vega wants would be covered in the Vega site itself. @hrbrmstr made great strides giving R bindings to Vega-lite, but I'd love to see the work that he started built out into a full API for Vega proper.

It would be fantastic to see the designs of ggvis and vega-lite reworked into an API that also borrows sound designs and functionality from other great ggplot2 extensions to make a full use package.

For d3, you just have to look at some of the fantastic work of Nadieh Bremer, Shirley Wu or Elijah Meeks and see the kind of custom things that I'd love to do with d3 through R. Right now most d3 packages are htmlwidgets that provide a specialized visualization. While this is helpful, I would love to be able to build d3 visualizations using R that don't fall into typical moulds or are very custom in nature. I know the usual route would be "learn d3", which is on my roadmap but honestly far away.


What about paged tables? i.e., from df_print: paged in rmarkdown. See http://rmarkdown.rstudio.com/html_document_format.html#paged_printing

These tabes are really nice but currently don't work in Shiny (https://github.com/rstudio/flexdashboard/issues/122). Would be a great addition.