Warning message: file_renderer failed to copy frames to the destination directory

Hi. Let's put this in a reproducible example, called a reprex

p <- ggplot(
aes(x = gdpPercap, y=lifeExp, size = pop, colour = country)
) +
geom_point(show.legend = FALSE, alpha = 0.7) +
scale_color_viridis_d() +
scale_size(range = c(2, 12)) +
scale_x_log10() +
labs(x = "GDP per capita", y = "Life expectancy")
p + transition_time(year)

Created on 2019-11-20 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)

What's missing is any code that invokes file_renderer, the source of the error. @andresrcs may well be right about permissions, but it would be good to post the exact code and see if it has any issues with the function signature:

file_renderer(dir = ".", prefix = "gganim_plot", overwrite = FALSE)