Use grep to find for if multiple words appear at the same time in array Entry

OK. It is why I thought but you did not give this info in your question. It is not efficient if we have to "guess" your problem.

For this case, you need to adapt again the regex to your need. Using positive lookahead (?=) you can achieve this.

Text <- c("instance", "percentage", "n", "instance tes percentage toto", "percentage gff instance"," percentage tet toto tet instance ")
stringr::str_subset(Text, "(?=.*instance)(?=.*percentage)(?=.*toto)")
#> [1] "instance tes percentage toto"      
#> [2] " percentage tet toto tet instance "

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We are solving your problem step by step with the information you give. Quick reminder on how to ask better question: FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions to get efficient answer ! :wink:

Thanks for your availability to adjust you question though.