Unable to deploy a Python Shiny app to shinyapps.io although it runs locally on my computer

Hi Gulshan,

Thank you for your suggestion, I have tried the following steps, but still have errors. @normana is also experiencing errors too. Could you please take a closer look or give it a try?

As was suggested in a warning, I created a requirements.txt file by running

pip freeze > requirements.txt

Then, as was discussed in this post with a similar error Cannot deploy python shiny app to shinyapps.io - Exception: Child Task 1234081549 failed - shiny / shinyapps.io - Posit Community (rstudio.com)

I created and used a python 3.8.13 virtual conda environment

conda create -n test_env python=3.8.13 anaconda

conda activate test_env

I also ensured I was running rsconnect 1.10.0

pip install rsconnect-python==1.10.0

The error persists and was not fixed.

Error: shinyapps.io reported an error (calling /v1/tasks/1319667213?legacy=true): Unhandled Exception: Child Task 1319667214 failed: Error building image: Build exited with non-zero status: 1