TEKsystems/ Crown Corp. - R/ R Shiny Consultant

paid / Remote (PST TZ) / fixed-timer


I am currently supporting a 12 month remote extendable contract for a R/R Shiny consultant to support a Crown Corporation located in the Pacific TZ. Position is remote, 40 hrs/week.

The client is a Pension fund managing ~170 billion dollars in assets for the public and private sector.


The client has developed capabilities within investment risk to calculate risk and create visulizations for the business with the use of tabular cubes and data visualization tools such as Power BI and Tableau. This allows the business to be able to change (3x)variables on their own and have the visualization tools generate the graphs in seconds.

Now the client is looking to mimic this within Performance, which is essentially the counter-part to Investment Risk. Risk being the negative and Performance being the positive.

The client has already created statistical models for calculating Performance but these cannot be used on a large scale with capabilities to automate various calculations at once using the visualization tool. This is what they are looking to accomplish. The difference being that the statistical models use statistical language, which is R, and they will be using R Shiny, to develop the visualization.

Apply to this position, email tdharnia@teksystems.ca

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