Stepwise regression in r-studio - can you run stepwise regression with the condition that it throws out any coefficients greater than 1,000 in value?

To clarify, R is the language, and RStudio is the IDE – so, even if you want to use RStudio to use R (which is great, yay!) the language you're using is R . See the FAQ, below, for further disambiguation:

Since it's not an issue with the IDE itself, I'm going to remove the rstudio tag.

For stepwise regression, I recommend checking out this brief Stepwuse Regression Essentials guide.

You'll need to filter or subset to get just the cases with coefficients > 1,000. This can be done in any number of ways; for how to do this using base R see Filtering and subsetting in R – personally, I tend to do my wrangling/filtering in the tidyverse, in this case, you'd be using dplyr::filter(), which you can learn about here:

You might also want to take a look at this webinar, Data wrangling with R and RStudio, to get familiar with some of these tasks.