RStudio Connect QuickStart - install.packages() Issue

Thanks for sharing this!! I think the problem you're running into here is that you are in an offline environment, and so you do not have access to the internet. Honestly, I'm pretty surprised that it was not even able to access the RSPM URL (http://localhost:5000/packages/cran/latest/src/contrib/PACKAGES). Ultimately, RSPM will not be much use because even if RSP could access RSPM, RSPM will not be able to get packages from the internet. Perhaps the problem there is that your RSPM license is not activated, due to being offline?

That said, we will definitely add odbc to our next pass at the QuickStart! We definitely want the drivers to be usable!

How do you normally install R packages in your infrastructure? Do you have an internal CRAN mirror? If you have access to the internet somewhere else, you can always download the source code for the package, SSH it into the QuickStart, and then install things that way. That gets pretty tedious if you have to install dependencies and such too, though.

Alternatively, if you have an outbound HTTP_PROXY set, you can configure that within the QuickStart so that package installation can reach the internet.