RStudio Connect fileInput widget for parameterized reports is still broken

Hi @cole - I would like to follow-up on this workflow as well. My use-case is very comparable to Rodrigue (Parametized Rmarkdown with fileinput on Rstudio Connect New - #2 by cole) and skadauke in this thread: I want to be able to render a parametrized R markdown report that uses a file as input on Rstudio connect. Knit with parameters works perfectly on my local machine, but I get the same error as Rodrigue had on rstudio connect - the temp file appears to be virtually immediately destroyed (my first code chunck is supposed to read it - and errors when I try). I will experiment myself a bit with the building a shiny app as a pin uploader as you suggested, but any pointers would be welcome.

Finally, I was wondering: would you know if it is on the roadmap of RStudio to make the file input type (Shiny's fileInput) functional for parameterized R markdown files on RStudio connect?