Reprex vs. reprex-package discussions

^^ Yes! And so often that's we don't have your local hard drive.

I tend towards the same thing, as (personally) I can't stand reading unformatted code (seriously, if I am really wanting to read a blogpost where they don't have syntax highlighting, I'll wait until I'm on my computer and can copy and paste).

I think that, perhaps, a better solution would be to change the title of this FAQ, or separate it into two. A question about what constitutes a reproducible example, and one about how to use the reprex package to make a reprex, should you choose to do so.

When I ask for a reprex, I explain the origins of the portmanteau, but I'm specifically directing them to using the package. (And, as with so many neologisms, yes, it's possible for something to qualify, without serving the intended purpose — not all raincoats are actually waterproof!)

When I'm describing reproducible examples, I point to resources that aren't contingent on reprex.

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