Reflections on RStudio transparency

If it helps, here's the list of applications that make up my statistical computing environment. I also tend to develop in R Studio, but implement things via batch files that work outside of R Studio.

Name Purpose License Minimum Version
R Literate Statistical Programming GNU GPL 3.2.1
R Studio IDE AGPL 0.99.467
Rtools R package development GNU GPL 33
JAGS Bayesian statistical analysis GNU GPL, MIT 4.0
MiKTeX Document rendering Freely distributable 2.9
Pandoc Document rendering GNU GPL 1.15
Strawberry Perl Enhances text searching in R GNU GPL 5.22
FFMPEG Animated plotting LGPL 2015-09-28
PuTTY SSH Client for Distributed Computing MIT 0.66
Bitvise SSH Server SSH Server for distributed computing EULA 6.45

I operate on Windows operating systems.

I have a document somewhere that I had approved for external distribution. It goes through all of the software in my statistical computing environment and some installation instructions specific to Windows. If I can find it, I'll post it here. I'd strongly recommend developing such a document so that you can find your own internal reference with all the tools you need to get things done.