Reflections on RStudio transparency

That thread, which showed several confusions (e.g. about pandoc, rmarkdown, or View()), is in line with my experiences. These confusions from so many are not all that obvious on a daily basis because people live in RStudio and relevant topics are thus not raised. But the minute an RStudio user pokes out of RStudio, these confusions become really evident. After reading all your great replies earlier, I am not sure which of these two views to believe anymore:

  • RStudio's task is to make RStudio as great as possible (and it sure does that well! :slightly_smiling_face: ) and it is not its role to teach people the underlying functioning of the IDE


  • The RStudio team is phenomenal in putting so much excellent resources out there (open source! :slightly_smiling_face: ) and it thus seems to value the increased understanding of the R community about R. Since there seems to be a lot of confusion on this specific topic, it would be really invaluable to try hard to clarify these whenever possible

I still tend to lean towards the 2nd, but the RStudio team does so much insanely amazing work that maybe I should be forgiving on this little point and accept the first :slightly_smiling_face: