Recast - Marketing Data Analyst (R)

paid / remote / full-time

At Recast, we're building the next generation of media measurement technology. We're scientists and engineers applying cutting-edge techniques to the hardest problems in a multi-hundred-billion dollar market.

You'll get to join a team of academics putting cutting-edge research into production for commercial uses. We are pushing the limits of what's possible with computational statistics in general and R in particular. Our customers are managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of advertising budgets via our platform, and your work will have an impact.

Recast is an R-first company and we run R in production. Lots of R. Our core product requires running massive machine-learning / model-fitting code on remote servers, storing and managing metadata and results in S3, and processing data on-the-fly via R code running on remote servers accessible via APIs. All that is to say: we are serious software engineers using R for serious software engineering, not just academic or research projects.

We're hiring a marketing data analyst to help us build the future of media measurement. This is role is client facing and has a consultative aspect to it.

What you'll do in your first 6 months:

  • Onboard new clients onto Recast's platform and work hand-in-hand with them to set priors, interpret their results, and plan experiments to validate the model.
  • Develop and manage data pipelines in R
  • Perform complex data analyses and present the results to clients to interpret the results of the Recast model

Things you probably have experience in:

  • Use of R for data cleaning and exploratory data analysis
  • Basic statistic and experimental methods
  • Presenting results of your analyses to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • 2+ years of experience working as a data analyst

Bonus points:

  • Marketing data science and media performance measurement
  • Partnering directly with marketers to shape budgets and structure tests
  • Experience with Bayesian statistical modelling

Things that should excite you that might scare off other folks:

  • Working with a team of math-loving statistics nerds
  • Working directly with marketers on applying modelling result to marketing strategy
  • Exploring the output of a complex statistical model with over 30k parameters
  • Contributing directly to product direction and business strategy
  • Opportunity for ownership in a fast-growing company at the cutting-edge of a multi-billion dollar industry

Our Hiring Process for this role:

  • Intro Call (30mins)
  • Take Home Assignment (1-2 days given)
  • Technical Interview & Assignment Discussion w/ Andy Bennington (1hr)
  • Final Interview w/ Michael Kaminsky

What we offer you:

  • Work wherever you’re happiest. We're fully remote
  • Competitive remote salary along with early stage equity
  • Your local holidays plus unlimited PTO (minimum 2 weeks mandatory PTO!)
  • Minimal standing meetings with frequent collaboration and async by design
  • Autonomy and support to do your best work in your own time

As a marketing data analyst you’ll get to work with some of the biggest brands in the world, helping them measure the effectiveness of hundreds of millions of dollars of marketing spend, forecast future performance, optimize budgets, and plan experiments.

Note: Recast is committed to building a diverse team so if you are from an under-represented background in tech (e.g., women, non-white, etc.) please apply even if you don’t necessarily check all of the boxes here.

While Recast is officially based in the US, we're a fully remote team (one founder lives in Brooklyn, the other in Mexico City). We can't sponsor visas at this time, however we are happy to have you join remotely from wherever you are.

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