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R Shiny Developer

Sustainable Agriculture SaaS start-up

London / Dublin / Oxford / Remote

£4-6k per month (depending on experience) + equity options

Flexible working hours, support for professional development, working directly with our co-founders in a fun, fast-paced environment

Join us in driving sustainable agriculture and restoring the health of our soils! We are seeking a passionate R Shiny Developer to play a key role in our mission to address one of the most critical challenges of our time.

Do you want to make a real difference to one of the biggest challenges of our time? (And how can you answer ‘no’ to that one?)

Unsustainable agricultural practices are degrading our soils. This is awful news for both farm businesses and for the environment. When soils are degraded, the farms no longer reap the benefits of natural soil functions in supporting the profitability of their businesses, whilst at the same time those soils no longer function properly in their roles of cleaning water, storing carbon and promoting biodiversity.

If you’re our ideal candidate, you'll care about how humanity is impacting our planet, and you might already be aware that the health of global soils is at crisis point. At Soil Benchmark, we are on a mission to ensure that healthy soils support profitable farms delivering nutritious food, clean rivers, thriving wildlife, and carbon removal. We achieve this via our independent, data-driven, software that helps UK Farm Advisors define and implement sustainable soil management practices.

Our software solutions utilise the wealth of existing environmental datasets and on-farm records to ensure that sustainable soil management is intuitively defined and easily communicated. We are proud to develop this software using R Shiny, and our growth means that we are looking for a Developer to join the team and use their skills and enthusiasm to make some tangible impact.

OK nice idea. But why should I quit my nice cushy job to work at a start-up?

We’re an early-stage start-up but we think we are onto something. And so do DEFRA, Ordnance Survey and the European Space Agency, all of whom have supported us with grant funding over the last year. We generated our first revenues only a few months after launching in Summer 2022 and altogether this traction meant that earlier this year we completed our seed-round, raising more than £300k of investment from farmers, angel investors and funds.

So, yes, we’re definitely early-stage and you’d have to be ready to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in, but we also think we’ve shown we’re going places. We’d love you to come on board and help make sure we achieve our ambitious mission.

What will I actually be doing day-to-day?

· Building the list of features our customers have already asked us to add to our platform, particularly focusing in the short term on adding features to the Soil Management Planner tool we have just released.

· Speaking with our customers (farmers, farm advisors and agronomists) to get their feedback on our platform and working with them and the team to define new features.

Great, I’m sold. How can I get involved?

We have a clearly defined plan of what we need to build, and are looking for an R Shiny Developer to come on board and play a key role in delivering it. You’d be working closely with Ben (our co-founder and CSO) and directly with our customers (farmers, farm advisors and agronomists) to build useful, intuitive software that they really want to use!

If you’re our ideal candidate, you will:

· Want to make a tangible difference to improving the environment and helping lighten our impact on the planet – (please, please don’t apply if you aren’t passionate about this, it’s by far the most important qualification).

· Be happy in a start-up environment where what you’re doing/building (but not the overall mission) is going to evolve as we iterate with our customers to make sure it’s exactly what they want and need.

· Have experience in building intuitive, data-driven, software with R Shiny.

· Be a fast learner with technical expertise in programming and data analysis.

· Be comfortable being integrated into the customer feedback/software development cycle.

We think this is a unique opportunity to join an early-stage start-up that is already going places and make a tangible contribution to our mission.

Of course, the package will include salary (£4-6k per month depending on experience) and generous equity options.

But we want to make sure that working with us fits into both your life and your career:

· We are open to in-office or remote working options and currently have bases in London, Oxford and Dublin. Whether you want to be in the office every day, or work mainly from home, either are fine with us! We do try to meet up as a team every few weeks in person.

· We know that there are other things in life than work, so we have flexible working hours. Work when suits you (within reason) and take holiday when you need to. We are all committed to our mission and trust each other to work hard to achieve our ambitious goals.

· We are also really proud to support professional development for all our team. We want Soil Benchmark to be a driver not just of soil health on our customers' farms, but of the careers of all our team.

· And finally, a job should be fun! You spend too much of your life doing it to not enjoy yourself. So while we do work hard to build tools that our customers are asking for, we don't take ourselves too seriously. You will be working alongside our co-founders in a fun, fast-paced environment.

Ready to join our mission and be part of a dynamic team that's making a real difference? If you are a passionate R Shiny Developer with a drive to create positive environmental impact, we'd love to hear from you!

Apply now and join us in this rewarding journey to restore the health of our soils and contribute to a sustainable future!

Link to apply >> Soil Benchmark hiring R Shiny Developer - Sustainable Agriculture Software in London Area, United Kingdom | LinkedIn

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