'newdata' had 1 row but variables found have 33 rows - Help with error code

Hi stefaniadram, sorry you're having so much trouble!
Firstly, this question doesn't really belong in #rstudio-cloud, since the error message isnt really related to anything to do with cloud. So I moved it to #general, where it's more likely to attract some help.

Also, be sure to pose questions like this with formatted code and a reprex. It makes it easier for folks who want to help to quickly replicate your error, and use your data & code to offer a solution to that problem.

For example with this question, we don't have Properties or Model, which will be helpful just to replicate your error, and inspect things a few things likely to result in this error. It's also not clear at what point in this code is producing the error message.

Here's a nice guide to help you get started, FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions

Just to build an example (with meaningly data and model) of how this could work with a toy example in a reprex

a <- rnorm(20)
b <- rnorm(20)
c <- rnorm(20)
d <- rnorm(20)

Model = lm(
  a ~ b + c + d
predict(Model, data.frame(a = 3200, b = 4, c = 3, d = 60), interval = "confidence", level = 0.95)
#>        fit       lwr      upr
#> 1 17.26983 -11.57436 46.11402
#> function (object, ...) 
#> UseMethod("predict")
#> <bytecode: 0x7fefd818a140>
#> <environment: namespace:stats>

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