Need to create a new variable with conditions from multiple variables

Yeah, I've been reading that today. I know how to load a dataframe, it states it's loaded on the top right area. What's curious is, I read the tutorial recommended to me by @andresrcs, and realized that most reprex's should have some data in it, my dataset has 102 colums which wouldn't work for a reprex, so I created a new df by just selecting the columns (new_drug1 - 5). Running that actually worked, but wasn't reflected in the reprex which I wanted to share with you all.

Reprex below

ha_reprex_df %>%
new_drug_1 %in% wordlist | new_drug_2 %in% wordlist | new_drug_3 %in% wordlist |new_drug_4 %in% wordlist |new_drug_5 %in% wordlist,
#> Error in ha_reprex_df %>% mutate(ha_rescue = if_else(new_drug_1 %in% wordlist | : could not find function "%>%"

Screenshot of it Working