Modelling change over time in mediation model

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I've reinterpreted the function (for one reason because there's no adjacency operator for multiplication and some of the tests were unneeded)


zchange <- function(t, a = 0.5, T = 1) {
    ifelse(t <= 0, 0, 
        ifelse(t < T, a*t, a*T)

t <- seq(from = 0.01, to = 0.49, by = 0.01)
z <- map(t, zchange) %>% unlist()

Created on 2020-03-07 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)

It would be more interesting, of course, with varying a and T. BTW: I put t as the first argument, because R uses positional processing and a and T have defaults,