Missing three of the four panes

Welcome! Mixing up R and RStudio is pretty common for beginners. This link might help:

In addition to that discussion, some things that are helpful to know when keeping all this straight:

  • R comes bundled with its own very simple app on some platforms, which is what you opened.
  • “RStudio” is commonly used as a nickname for the RStudio IDE (= integrated development environment, an app that gives you an interface for working with R). The RStudio IDE comes in two forms: RStudio Desktop and RStudio Server. The IDE is the flagship product of the company named “RStudio”.
  • The “RStudio” brand is also used in the names of some of that company’s other related products (e.g., RStudio Connect, RStudio Cloud).
  • This community is a project of RStudio the company!
  • While RStudio the company is a strong supporter of R, it is a completely separate entity from the not for profit foundation that oversees the development of R itself.