Missing data after cleaning NA on ezAnova

Hmm, this table doesn't look like it comes from the same dataset you linked to in COMPLETEOKOK.

In the linked dataset the variable column values have names that start with word_read and send_read, etc. and so LECTM and LECTPH are associated with different variable groups. You must have edited this at some point?

Can you give a small example of the dataset you are using for the analysis? It can help folks help you if you paste in a small reproducible example into your question rather than linking to a large dataset that has to be read in remotely.

If you've never made a reproducible example before (i.e., reprex), you can get some ideas here:

My last thought is that if ezANOVA() fits a repeated measures ANOVA and not a mixed model you can have problems with unbalanced designs. I don't know if this is related to the error message or not, but you can read more about instances where repeated measures ANOVA doesn't work well here.

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