Maximum CSV file

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Second order of business (and you've probably picked up on it after completing the first step) - we can help you best if you provide us with a reproducible example (a reprex).

Without a reprex, we can't help you much. What's wrong with your answer? Do you get an error? Do you get an answer, but it's an incorrect one? What is wrong, exactly?

I can't re-run your code (again, because not a reprex), but it probably should work given these conditions:

  • Your files are stored in C:/Users/12543/Documents/ folder
  • You have exactly 9 files named data20130101.csv through data20130109.csv
  • All files are identical in structure
  • All files have headers
  • All files have temperature as the second column
  • There is at least one instance of temperature over 0

I wouldn't likely use such solution, but it seems to be sound, given all conditions above are satisfied.