Latex language package installation not working

Thank you for your quick response!

I switched the package to both babel-icelandic and hyphen-icelandic, but still got an error message.


I open a fresh project with no base project. I create a new .Rmd file, which prompts me to update several packages to be able to compile an rmarkdown document.

I open the terminal and type the code given in the previous community post:

tlmgr init-usertree
tlmgr option repository
tlmgr --no-persistent-downloads install babel-icelandic

I then try to knit to pdf the following rmarkdown file:

title: ""
author: ""
date: ""
  pdf_document: default
   - \usepackage[icelandic]{babel}

Í þessu verkefni munt þú vinna með gögn um Alþingismenn og ræður á Alþingi frá 1991 til 2018. Upprunalegu gögnin eru aðgengileg á vef Alþingis, en xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx hefur umbreytt og bætt við ýmsum viðbótarupplýsingum við gögnin. 

The file above compiles, but with several warning messages, including:

Warning message:
Package babel Warning: No hyphenation patterns were preloaded for
(babel) the language `Icelandic' into the format.
(babel) Please, configure your TeX system to add them and
(babel) rebuild the format. Now I will use the patterns
(babel) preloaded for english instead on input line 54.

Obviously, the resulting pdf file includes incorrectly hyphenated words. "Upprunalega" should be hyphenated as such, upp-runa-lega.

I hope this gives you sufficient information to troubleshoot.