Invariance measure between two groups

Hi, @CarlMar,

This is a worldwide forum, and English is a world language. That is convenient, but it also means that there's no one "good" English. Language is to communicate and even people in a country like mine, where most people grow up speaking English, there are enough differences to create misunderstandings. So, if I'm not understanding, it's our common problem, not your fault or mine! Ok?

I can help if I see your results and how you generated them, which requires a reproducible example, called a reprex. It doesn't have to be the same data that you are using. Any data that will generate the same form of input will do.

I understand that reprex doesn't always work with some code. If that's the case, provide representative data, preferably from a data() set, and the code you use to present your result. Then we can help with interpreting it.

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