Install readr package on EC2 instance

An AWS instance is a virtual machine that runs its own operating system (there are several options for this), you connect to that virtual machine through a ssh connection that opens a system terminal, and there you have to type those commands.
Those commands could be a little different depending on the Linux version that the aws instance is running, that is why I'm asking you.

To make it a little easier for you, if you can connect to a RStudio session running on your AWS instance, then this panel is a system terminal for your instance.

Ubunto 16.04.5 LTS Is that it?
I guess I need to know how to open the system terminal for AWS.
I have never had to do that for anything using AWS so far. All I use AWS for is using RStudio.

The commands I gave you before should work for Ubuntu, just type those commands in the terminal pane on Rstudio, then you would have enough memory to install readr.

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Terminal in RStudio worked. Thanks.
It gave me some errors, but now readr will install.
Can't figure out the AWS terminal though.
Appreciate your help.