Insert raw html iframe into RMarkdown

Hi @boyan.kostadinov

Sorry for having missed this issue.

It seems it is indeed a change from Pandoc as you guessed. Recent Pandoc version seems to now process iframe tags the same as other when using self-contained document.

You could either use self_contained: false in YAML to not have those data: tansformation, or follow Pandoc documentation and add data-external="1" attributes like this

<iframe src=";autoplay=false&amp;offerviewer=true&amp;showtitle=true&amp;showbrand=false&amp;start=0&amp;interactivity=all" height="405" width="720" style="border: 1px solid #464646;" allowfullscreen="" allow="autoplay" data-external="1"></iframe>

This would prevent the transformation by Pandoc. Source of this info is here:

We'll look into that closer to see when this change in Pandoc happened and why.