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What's the output when you try to load digest by itself, e.g.:

If you get an error that indicates it's not installed, try the following command (again?):
install.packages("digest", type="source")

Any errors in that output?

and then nothing happened.

i tried
install.packages("digest", type="source")

and now it shows up like this:

Great — making progress. Next step is to install X11 on your Mac, outside of RStudio. Visit that URL given in the error message and install XQuartz. After the install make sure XQuartz is running, then go back to RStudio and try again.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I truly do appreciate.

Now I can open R Commander.
However, one more question, what do these Masked objects mean?

Masked essentially means that different packages that you’ve loaded have conflicting function names (I.e. the same names). Therefore if you use one of these functions/objects by name, the one from the most recently loaded package will be used, and the other one is “masked”. You can use the :: operator to specify which package to use (but that might be a bit advanced). You can probably safely proceed here but just be aware that masking can cause unexpected problems.

Thank you so much. I actually just learned the :: operator through Google.
This is the third day I started to learn R, you're so kind!!! I appreciate it indeed.

Great! Very happy to assist and welcome to the R community!

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