How to run a simple 2x2x2 ANOVA in R?

Hi @ninjasrini! Welcome!

It's possible to run a 3-way factorial ANOVA in R without any add-on packages, using only the tools in the core stats package. Here's a nice quick reference to how this is done:

However, if you're using ANOVA and coming from SPSS or SAS, you should know that the people who wrote R's core ANOVA functions (aov() and anova()) took a different side in the Sums of Squares wars. These references have lots more info:

If you'd like help translating a specific older tutorial you've already found into more modern terms, then a link would be helpful! It certainly can be frustrating that the internet is full of advice, but not all of it is still relevant or up to date :confused:.

This sounds like it might be a separate problem? If so, it's probably best to start a new topic focusing on just the specific trouble you're having with these packages. In order for helpers here to understand what's going on, you'll need to at least provide the code you've been trying, the errors you've been seeing, and the output of sessionInfo(). But a self-contained, reproducible example is the gold standard, and the surest path to helping people help you.