How to interpret R output

Hi @Atkay777!

Please take a look at these guidelines:

Unless you have a question about something specifically graphical (user interface, plots, etc), screenshots are not a very good way to share what you're working on. They are difficult to read and impossible to search.

All R code and console output is plain text that can be copied and pasted. To keep this forum from garbling it, please copy and paste it like this:

  1. On a blank line, click the little </> button at the top of the posting box
  2. Paste your code in so it replaces the text that says "type or paste code here"

For a question like this, it will probably also be helpful if you can explain some more background about what you are doing. Keep in mind that people in this community have many different backgrounds and are not all familiar with the same methods. Unless you're doing something incredibly simple or common, there may be very few people here who have enough experience with any particular method to give you advice, and it may take a long time for any of them to notice your question. If you don't find answers here after a reasonable amount of time, you might try Cross Validated, but please be sure to follow their posting instructions! If you do choose to take your question elsewhere, please add a link here so that nobody comes along later and spends time answering a question that has already been answered in a different place.