how do i clean my social network

As you have been told on other posts before, please make your questions with a reprex, currently your example is not reproducible because you are not including the libraries you are using nider the output you are getting.
I'm going to make a the reprex for your question this time, because this makes easier for others to help you, but you can do the same by following this simple guide


eg=make_empty_graph(n=1000,directed = F)
plot.igraph(eg,layout=as.matrix(select(data_for_graph,lat,long)),vertex.color=data_for_graph$cutfor_graph,vertex.size=data_for_graph$mag*5, main="network of quakes")
legend("bottomleft",legend=levels(as.factor(cutfor_graph)),col = c("red","blue","black","yellow","orange","green"),lty=2,pch=20 , pt.cex = 4, cex = 1 )

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