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Just for reference (you've got the basic ideas), see reproducible example, called a reprex and homework policy.

Assignment is an important part of the error message; it's either an explicit assignment such as

Ka1 <- 10^(-6.52)
Ka2 <- 10^(-10.56)
Kw <- 10^(-14.704)
Kso <- 10^(-8.09)
Kh <- 10^(-1.2)
Pco2 <- 10^(-3.5)
H.low <- 0
H.high <- Kw <- 0.001

(It's also possible to assign with the = operator, but good style encourages <- for creating objects and = for creating attributes in objects.)

or an implicit assignment in a function.

Your code has two functions -- the for loop and solve.default().

Let's look at for first. (BTW: take a look at purrr:map() which is tidier, a term you will grow to know and love here.)

What does for do? Well, for one thing, it creates an object OH. What is its value?

[1] Inf

Uh, oh. Even without getting into solve.default, it's easy to see that passing Inf as an argument to any function might be a problem.

So, where does Inf come from. Hint

> seq(H.low,H.high,
[1] 0
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