Functions of R Studio

Confusion between R and RStudio is common! We have a disambiguation FAQ: Differentiating R from RStudio

Thanks to R's vibrant ecosystem of contributed add-on packages, it can actually be a little overwhelming to navigate all the stuff you can do with R. One starting place for browsing is the "Task Views" on CRAN: CRAN Task Views. There's also a search page that lets you do a keyword search of CRAN package documentation and task views, e.g."natural+breaks"&idxname=functions&idxname=views

There are many textbooks about statistical methods using R. A keyword search of WorldCat is another starting point. And we have a few general threads here calling out people's favorite stats references, many of them written with R in mind:

If you want specific advice on R packages, it will help if you can provide more details about what you're trying to do. Taken at face value, "regression analysis" (for example) is a pretty big universe of topics!

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