filtering action not occurring within eventReactive for dynamically-generated selectInput default choice

Thanks, that gave me some ideas. This is rather cumbersome, so I don't think I want to implement it. My app has multiple conditional menus and resultant variables used for downstream actions - and there are many of those, not just one table.

I'm curious why Var2() could be seen for the text output, but not the table. If Var2() was a regular reactive object from selectInput and not the result of renderUI(..., selectInput()), this problem would not occur.

I tried running browser() per the Shiny debugging guidelines and my R session aborted (I've tried multiple times):

  x <- eventReactive(input$go, {
    dplyr::filter(dframe, var1 == Var1(), var2 == Var2())
  }, ignoreNULL = FALSE)