Factor analysis on a split data frame using lapply command

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Questions like this are difficult to answer in the abstract, but with data and code can attract useful responses. See the FAQ: What's a reproducible example (`reprex`) and how do I do one?

Data is critical. If the data set is small, the reprex can include an assignment to the results of

the_data <- dput(my_data)

If the data are too large, a subset with

the_data <- head(my_data,50)
the_data <- tail(my_data,50)
the_data <- sample(my_data,50, replace = FALSE)

If my_data is confidential and can't be easily masked, try one of the many built-in data sets in R, especially any that come with the packages that you are using. Also, consider whether you can torture a universal data set such as mtcars into a representative structure that illustrates your question.

And, of course, please include all package dependencies in the reprex.