Exam mode in Rstudio Cloud or is Rstudio Server the only option?

Here's what you could do, given the current features in Cloud:

  • Create a space for the exam
  • Create an assignment project that is the starting point for the exam, with whatever packages you want the students to use
  • Add the students to the space with the Contributor role via a Sharing Link (from the space's Members page)
  • To take the exam, have each student join the space and click on the exam project (this will give each student their own copy of the exam project to work on)
  • When the exam period is over, change the students' roles in the space to Viewer - this will prevent them from opening/making any changes to their project

We don't currently have a way to prevent students from making additional projects in the space from scratch via the New Project button, or from installing new packages into their exam project. The first feature (preventing students from creating additional projects from scratch) could be relatively straightforward to add. The second (preventing package installation) might be more of a challenge for us. We'd love to hear how critical those features are for your case ... and if the approach outlined above sounds workable to you.


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