Estimation of Taylor Rule

How to estimate the four parameters of the Augmented Taylor Rule
i_t=(1-ρ)α+(1-ρ)βπ_(t+n)+(1-ρ)γx_t+ρi_(t-1)+ε_t using Generalized Method of Moments (GMM)

Load packages (using the library() or require() functions)


Load data

dat <- read.csv("Australia.csv")

Define variables

dat <- ts(dat, start=c(2000,1), frequency=4)

Exclude rows with missing entries.

dat <- dat[complete.cases(dat), ]
data1 =

Create a function g(\theta; x) which returns an n * 3 matrix

gmm1 <- function(tet, data1)
m1 <- data1$R-(1-tet[2])*(tet[1]+tet[3]*data1$I+tet[4]*data1$G)+
f <- cbind(m1)

Compute the covariance matrix of parameters

Grand1 <- function(tet,data1)
h <- matrix(c( -(1-tet[2]),
(tet[1]+tet[3]*mean(data1$I)+tet[4]*mean(data1$G))+ mean(lag(data1$R,-1)),

Run GMM using the starting values

print(res <- momentModel(gmm1, data1, theta0=c(beta0=1, beta1=1,beta3=2), grad = Grand1))

I have tried to create the R code above, but I get this error: Some moments are NA's. Make sure you remove missing values from x.

Could any one please help me with this

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