Error: Problem with `mutate()` input `relig2`. x unused arguments

It's hard to pinpoint an error without a complete reprex. Generally, it's best to make variable names short; easier to type and avoids the backticks required for spaces. When it comes time for tabular presentation, after all the data manipulation has been done, it's simple to relabel the variables. Something along the following lines

the_data <- data.frame(
  daily = 7,
  once_plus_w = 6,
  once_w = 5,
  one_m = 4,
  holidays = 3,
  less_often = 2,
  never = 1,
  refusal = NA,
  dk = NA,
  no_ans = NA

#>   daily once_plus_w once_w one_m holidays less_often never refusal dk no_ans
#> 1     7           6      5     4        3          2     1      NA NA     NA

headers <- c(
  "More than once a week", "Once a week", "At least once a month", "Only on special holy days", "Less often", "Never",
  "Refusal", "Don't know", "No answer")

colnames(the_data) <- headers
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More than once a week Once a week At least once a month
7 6 5

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Only on special holy days Less often Never Refusal Don’t know
4 3 2 1 NA

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No answer NA

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