Do `tensorflow`, `keras`, `cloudml` and `tfestimators` topics belong in the Tidyverse Category?

I like your introduction post on the ML and Modelling category. I also think that deep learning and modelling are in many ways the same. For example in supervised learning most steps are general and the algorithms are just a tool. Also the field of modelling is quite diverse and deep learning is just one of many families of algos.

I like those pkgs that you mention and I see that your formulation is not exclusive. It would be cool, if this becomes a place, where also developers of ml frameworks start their discussions.

So, I am not a native speaker, and apologize, if I am wrong, however, I think especially for newcomers in the field, the formulation might imply that other related pkgs (for example those which are not developed by RStudio) are out of scope in this category. Maybe this could be formulated weaker or broader without advertising specific pkgs in general.