Discussion: when is Shiny a good choice vs when is it not the right tool for the job?

I am really very sorry, I didn't think I was discouraging somebody. I just wrote what I felt like that's the reason I didn't use the word can't but I used hard instead (which you thought is blanket :rofl: )

Before I say anything let me share an experience. I wrote a few Rinno apps for my team but just because I couldn't provide login facilities to it. I had to hand it over to an IT person who is efficient in python. He created all those for me. He even created CRUD part of database.

In my defence.

  1. I know no other language but sql and r. So I couldn't use js or c++ for CRUD or login. And it's very easy to add buttons on a bootstrap layout. But in shiny dashboard I have to go through js again (How to create this user panel on top right corner of shiny).

  2. And it's very easy in powerBI to group data so that it can be browsed in just a click. That's why I said relatively hard. I didn't say is not possible.

I don't mean to belittle anybody I think if these basic steps would be improved. New bees like me would have an easier time navigating.

Thanks for pointing things out to me. I was just sharing my views and I even wrote a list of pros too..:grin: