Could not Calibrate

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For this post, Quest is missing which makes it difficult to understand what's going on or to even see the specific error message. Without more the most I can offer is to study the help(calibrate) page and its example below to see if all required arguments are passed to the function of the proper type and that no unexpected objects are included.

#> Error in ibrary(QCA): could not find function "ibrary"

x <- rnorm(20,1)
y <- rnorm(20,1)
x <- x - mean(x)
y <- y - mean(y)
z <- x + y
b <- c(1,1)
Calibrate.z <- calibrate(b,z,tm,cbind(x,y),axislab="Z",graphics=TRUE)

#> ---------- Calibration Results for  Z  ---------------------
#> Length of 1 unit of the original variable =  0.7071  
#> Angle                                     =  45 degrees
#> Optimal calibration factor                =  0.5  
#> Used calibration factor                   =  0.5  
#> Goodness-of-fit                           =  1  
#> Goodness-of-scale                         =  1  
#> ------------------------------------------------------------

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