Can't add images to R Markdown file

I think it would help a lot if you could provide a small reproducible example of this problem. In this case, here's how I'd go about doing that:

  1. Make a new RStudio Project in a new directory
  2. Add a sample image to the new Project directory.
  3. Create a new, minimal RMarkdown document that includes the sample image.
  4. See if the problem occurs when you try to knit this new RMarkdown document. (if not, that at least helps narrow things down!)

If the problem does occur, then definitely post the contents of your new sample Rmd, and also the output of running the following three commands from the console in your new RStudio Project:

system("pandoc --version")

At the same time, you might try seeing if your original file will knit if you set self_contained: false in the YAML header. This doesn't solve the problem if you want self-contained HTML output, but it might be a workaround.