BSTS Package: Error in the Mean Absolute Percentage Estimate (MAPE) as Inf % in a Bayesian Inference with MCMC Plot using ggplot() in R

Hi Technocrat. I hope you are well! Could I please inquire what code you used and the values you inputted into the upper limit to achieve a low MAPE value. Thank you if you can help. Kind regards.

For sdy I was simply bracketing close to zero with the mean of the series (14.63) and seeing what direction the abscissa was going. I wouldn't have been lead to the point about log lambda by reading the docs, although drilling down does point to the PoissonPrior in the {Boom} package, a wrapper for the C++ library.

However, due to my delay getting back to you, I've lost the thread of our discussion. Start over on a new post with a reprex and mention me?

That takes as its argument the mean of the Poisson distribution expected with optional upper and lower bounds.

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