Automatically upload file in Shiny - Sample Data for Upload UI

Is there a way to automatically upload the excel file.

Shiny apps that need the user to upload some kind of file are pretty common. One approach I frequently see is to offer your users an sample file to get started with instead of uploading their own file.

  1. You can do this by giving a UI option, "Use sample data", which then tells your app to load an excel it already possesses.

  2. Slightly less elegantly, I've also seen some apps that just offer a link to an example file, which the end-users download and re-upload. Though this adds a few steps to get started with the sample file, one advantage is that the example file offers users a nice template, helping them understand the kind of data and format it needs to be in.

Here's an example of the first option Jiddu Alexander created last year. When you enter the app and select "Upload SVG", note the "Or select sample SVG" option.

For reference, here's a nice chapter from Mastering Shiny on uploading and downloading data, Chapter 9 Uploads and downloads | Mastering Shiny. I am struggling to find example so