Assign specific signature to the specific data value within the treatment

See the FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example reprex for beginners. A screenshot is not a good substitute for representative data, so I'll have to make some assumptions.

For a data frame named Dat with fields spiked_SqMV2, Naturally_infected_SqMV12, Analyst_2 and Analyst_1, I'm going to use S,N,A1 and A2 for convenience. To select only those points that meet criteria described involves a Boolean logical specification.

(S < 0.17 \& A\ 2) \& (S < 0.2 \& A1)

To implement that in R, we can subset my_data

my_data[which((S< 0.17 &  A1) & (N < 0.2 & A2)),]

This assumes that A1 and A2 are typeof logical`