Arranging plots together that are not all ggplots

I have two plots that I would like to arrange together. One is made using ggpot2 and the other was made using the BAMMdata package. What package can I use to arrange them together as I understand that patchwork() only works on ggplots?

did you try the cowplot package

plot_grid(p1, p2, ncol=1, align="v")

For one of my graphs (shown below) I have been unable to assign it to a value (e.g. p1 or p2) and therefore have been unable to use cowplot. Is there any way to get this to work?

plotRateThroughTime(m_subtree, ratetype="speciation", avgCol="steelblue", ylim=c(0, 0.5), cex.axis=0.7, intervalCol="steelblue", intervals=c(0.05, 0.95), opacity=0.1, cex.lab=1.0)

the trick is to use recordPlot()
also cowplot will need gridGraphics installed.

ephy <- getEventData(whales,events.whales)

p1 <- recordPlot()

p2 <- iris |> ggplot()+aes(x=Species,y=Petal.Length)+geom_boxplot()

plot_grid(p1, p2, labels = c('A', 'B'))

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Thank you! This has worked perfectly

How do I make two graphs in cowplot (arranged side by side) different heights? I understand I can't use rel_height as this only works if the are on top of each other

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